Horizon Reclaim (India) Pvt Ltd offer a variety of Reclaim Rubber grades (synthetic as well as non-synthetic) i.e. Butyl, EPDM and Natural

Reclaim Rubber is an extremely effective and environmentally friendly source of rubber manufactured (without compromising on quality and versatility) from the end of life and/or factory waste of whole tyres, tread peelings, natural and butyl rubber tubes, Rejected E.P.D.M profile, etc.

It is manufactured using the de-polymerisation process, which results in Reclaimed Rubber – a product that can be used as a partial substitute for natural and synthetic rubber.

Our product range has proven useful in a variety of applications in the tyre sector (from cap to base to inner liner etc.), and the non-tyre sector (in applications ranging from automotive to construction to infrastructure, among others).

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Horizon aims and focus to apply all the environment friendly techniques for recycling of waste into useful end products.

Professional & Integrated team

We have a team of qualified professionals who are dedicated to their assigned jobs and performs with full dignity and collectively delivers defined and standard quality product to give maximum value of product to customer.

Environment Friendly

Horizon takes responsible steps towards creating a green environment. We aim to reduce the negative impact generated from the rubber waste and serving the society through recycling of waste into the much useful products and make the earth a better place to live.

Product Basket

As the India’s one of the largest manufacturers of Reclaim rubber, we are major supplier to end user rubber industries and we continue to give our customer all kinds of reclaim rubber produced and manufacture under single roof.

Recent Events

Recent Events


We are happy and satisfied with the event organized by the enture team of IRE 2019. The event was great and successful. It was a large platform for the entire rubber industry to explore new and existing customers.


Our product range has proven useful in a variety of applications in the tyre sector and non tyre sector (from cap to base to inner liner etc.)

How We Do

How We Do

Our company always focuses on producing improved quality reclaim rubber by adopting new technology and as a result our product range satisfy all kind of customer requirement of reclaim rubber.

Environment Friendly

Our prime concern is to make the world a better place by replacing of our environment hazards by reclaiming the disposed rubber and used tyres. Also by doing this we have created a product which is an alternate to the natural and synthetic rubber without compromising on the product and versatility.