Horizon Reclaim (India) Pvt Ltd offer a variety of Reclaim Rubber grades (synthetic as well as non-synthetic) i.e. Butyl, EPDM and Natural

Reclaim Rubber is an extremely effective and environmentally friendly source of rubber manufactured (without compromising on quality and versatility) from the end of life and/or factory waste of whole tyres, tread peelings, natural rubber tubes, Rejected E.P.D.M profile, etc.

It is manufactured using the de-polymerisation process, which results in Reclaimed Rubber – a product that can be used as a partial substitute for natural and synthetic rubber.

Our product range has proven useful in a variety of applications in the tyre sector (from cap to base to inner liner etc.), and the non-tyre sector (in applications ranging from automotive to construction to infrastructure, among others). Our strict adherence to international quality control standards, stellar manufacturing processes (sophisticated separation and purification processes), and our ongoing commitment to Research & Development ensures that we deliver only the finest end-product. Horizon reclaim separate product range into two categories, namely SYNTHETIC RUBBER RECLAIM and NATURAL RUBBER RECLAIM.